3 Efficiency Tools, Easy on the Budget

In business, or in life in general, the rules of the game are ever-changing, and changing fast. Thanks to the emergence of technology and other efficiency tools taking the market by storm. But technology and the efficiency that goes with it doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are free or low-cost tools that deliver the same value as their costly counterparts. Take a look at these three online services:

1. PickyDomains.com

Having trouble finding a name for your company, service or product? Or simply trying to contain the frustration over the fact that all the domains you’ve come up with so far had already been registered? If you’re a business owner, you know that a brand and/or domain name can make or break your business, whether online or offline. But if you’re strapped for cash and running out of ideas, branding agencies are definitely off limits. These agencies charge up to thousands of dollars for their services.


The next best option? PickyDomains.com is a naming service that’s been tapping into the power of the crowdsourcing industry since 2007. PickyDomains has over 50,000 creative individuals registered as contributors, ensuring a large pool of suggestions for your naming needs. First off, simply register and become a client, make a $50 downpayment for a domain or name, or $75 if it’s a slogan you need, and map out your naming parameters. If none of the suggestions comes even close to the concept you have in mind, you can always ask for a refund.

[ad#content300] 2. JetRadar.com

Oftentimes, business and air travel go hand in hand. Such being the case, cheap tickets are a big help to cut down on travel expenses. But nowadays, competition among low-cost carriers has become so stiff that most airlines no longer offer their cheapest deals with price-comparison websites, lest they start losing sales to competitors. Consequently, the deal hunting enthusiast would have to go from one site to another to find the airfare promo that fits within his needs.

JetRadar is an integrated meta search tool that sifts through 700+ airline sites and hundreds of flight sites for the best airfare promos and makes the data readily accessible to the public in one central portal, dramatically cutting down on the energy and time a regular end user would have to expend to find that deal that suits his budget and travel requirements.

3. Bitrix24.com

A business owner knows that efficiency is a game-changer, hence, the proliferation of efficiency tools such as CRM, intranets, activity planners, calendars, etc. Purchased separately can mean a huge sum of money, something most small business owners, especially the financially-challenged ones, and startuppers can’t afford to lose in one go.

Bitrix24.com is a social collaboration intranet system that’s totally free for small businesses with a total of 12 employees or less. Bitrix24 combines a good number of disparate work tools into a single application, namely free CRM, free real-time streaming, free file sharing, free sales charts, free workforce monitoring, free calendar and activity management, among others. Further, Bitrix24 is cloud-based, hence, there isn’t any need to install a thing, and it can be accessed virtually anywhere either through a web browser or a smarphone. An upgrade to unlimited users stands at a minimal $99 a month.

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