A Better Way to Growing Your Money

July 27, 2009 | By Garry De Castro | Filed in: Mutual Funds, News Articles.
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Here’s a good article published in Philippine Daily Inquirer today (July 27) tackling about making your money grow – thru Mutual Funds.

It starts with these lines –

Finally, after several months of squirreling away some money from your salary, you have managed to set aside a tidy sum that you want to use for starting an investment.

You want to be certain that your money grows considerably-the faster, the better.

But you don’t have time to manage your money or the financial know-how about investments.

A Better Way to Growing Your Money

A Better Way to Growing Your Money

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2 comments on “A Better Way to Growing Your Money

  1. nice article! very informative

  2. I agree your point about intelligent investment. Every one who is planning for retirement should consider investing money for a long term so that benefits can be reaped later.

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