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February 15, 2011 | By Garry De Castro | Filed in: Seminars.
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Last February 12, 2011, I received this email offering Basics of Investment and Financial Planning Seminar. Here’s the content of the whole email.

basics of investment and financial planning

Learning Objective:

To provide participants with more than the minimum knowledge and tools with which to invest and manage their MONEY in investment securities.

Topics Covered:

  1. Guiding Principle in Money Management
  2. Financial Profile
    • B1.  Inflows vs Outflows
    • B2.  Stretching your Financial Profile
    • B3.  Goal-Setting
  3. Financial Instruments
    • C1.  Fixed Income Investments
      • Types (SAs, TDs, SDAs, TBills, TNotes, etc.)
      • Determinants (inflation, interest, forex, etc.)
      • Avenues (banks, PDEX, etc.)
    • C2.  Annuities
      • Types (pre-need, insurance, etc.)
      • Avenues
      • Caveats
    • C3.  Equity Investments
      • Types (blue chips, growth stocks, etc.)
      • Determinants
      • Analysis (fundamental vs technical)
      • Caveats
    • C4.  Real Estate
      • Types (direct investment, REITs)
      • Caveats
    • C5.  Pooled Funds
  4. Portfolio Management
  5. Performance Measurement
  6. 3Rs – Revisit, Rethink, Revise
  7. Conclusion/Summary

About the speaker:

Virginia O. Luy, CFA

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Program) of Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
  • Member of CFA Society of the Philippines
  • VP Education
  • Scholarship Committee Chairperson
  • Public Awareness Committee Chairperson
  • Associate Member of Fund Managers Association of the Philippines (FMAP)
  • Executive Assistant to the President of Far East Broadcasting Co. Phils. Inc.

10 years experience in investment industry, 3 years in finance management, and 2 years in consultancy.

– University of the Philippines, Diliman:  BS in Business Administration
– Graduated as Cum Laude

Please Contact
840-3903/ 817-7036/ 310-4166 / 0918-9482792

I was intrigued by the email. Of course, my first thought was that – Is  it for FREE? But then again, seeing the venue at AIM Conference Center, I knew this can’t be free.

So to rule ‘the benefit of the doubt’, I replied to the email asking how much is the fee. Here’s the reply that I got just today.

Dear Sir/Madam,

The fee of Basic Investment and Finance Planning Seminar on February 26, 2011 is P6,000.00 + 12% VAT (if company sponsored).

You can avail the Early Bird Discount of P500.00 if you enroll on or before February 18, 2011.

I must say that the price is fair enough. I’m sure, it will be one of your most worthy investments. Although, if compared to the one I attended, this is a little expensive. Remember the 2 day seminar I attended for the same price (Journey to Financial Freedom) – with buffet lunch and meriendas for 2 days to go with.

Or if you don’t have a budget for now, you can try our One on one Financial Coaching – might not be as formal as compared to the 2 seminars I mentioned, but same learnings. Might not have buffet lunch but it’s FREE. All you have to pay for is your time and listening ears.

One favorite line that I always remember is ‘If you think Financial Education is expensive, try Ignorance‘.  Only means to say that if you don’t want to pay for something, you might end up loosing more than what you could have paid for in advance.

PS – if you wish to attend any of the seminars I mentioned, just write on the comment below so that I can send you the application form and procedures.


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  1. Rhoda Noriega says:

    Hi! I’m interested in your financial coaching. Please inform me how to go about it. Thanks! – Rhoda

  2. Fides says:

    I am interested and in search of SPEAKERS / FACILITATORS who are well adept in discussing related topics on Finance, Investments, Banking. Can you direct me to a website where I can look into, if any. Correspondingly, resume and credentials of prospective FINNCIAL SPEAKERS can be sent to this email address:

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