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In Search for Best Educational Plan / Planning – 2 Mother’s Dillema

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After writing ‘Educational Plan Options in the Philippines – Mother’s Dillema Part1 and Part 2, we’ve received some emails asking for educational plan advice given their stories and personal ┬ádetails. So far, we’ve already answered one – Educational Plan Approach for 2 Kids of Vince Diesel (not his real name of course). And so far, • Read More »

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Educational Plan Options in the Philippines – A Mother’s Dillema Part 2

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continuation of Part 1… Funny how this post ‘Education Plan Options in the Philippines’ is all connected with the recent news on TV. Just last Friday, May 13, it was reported that the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is having problems with its Educational Funds and members were complaining about it (full story here). Imagine • Read More »

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Cost of College Education in the Philippines

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I’ve been trying to write something about Educational Plan or something like Importance of Educational Plan way back I started this blog. But somehow, I couldn’t get to start coz I’m missing some important data that would make this article worth reading. And that important data are current rates / tuition fees in the Philippine • Read More »

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