4 Ways Health Insurance Can Help You in Life

Health insurance is just one of many other types of insurances you can avail to minimize the risk of financial loss. When we say health insurance, it gives coverage to insured’s medical and possible surgical expenses.

But how can a plan like this really help us in our lives?

Below are the four ways I have listed of how health insurance can help and save us financially in life.

1. Prevention

Acquiring a health insurance doesn’t only mean you can use it when you got sick. Some insurance companies who offer these plans provide prevention programs from getting sick thru conducting regular workouts like runs, Zumba and sweat nights.

They also provide practical tips, healthy recipes, and useful information on health and wellness that can definitely motivate you to live a healthy life.

Not only these, but they can give you discounts and freebies from their partner establishments.

Amazing, right?

2. Diagnosis

Health insurance plan nowadays has a wide coverage and can cover you from over 100 Critical Illnesses including major and minor at an affordable premium.

And since Cancer is one of the top 10 causes of death according to the World Health Organization (WHO), health insurance plans can also give you additional coverage for specific cancer conditions.

Once diagnosed, the plan will give you financial benefits and save not only you but also your family from a financial crisis.

3. Treatment

Health insurance plans before lack this benefit. Usually, the policy contract will be terminated already after the diagnosis and giving of the cheque.

Here’s good news! With today’s comprehensive health insurance plans, they already offer hospital confinement benefit which can help you pay your hospital dues, and post-hospitalization benefits for your follow up check-ups. This minimizes your worry of paying so much for your hospital bills. Isn’t that great?

4. Rehabilitation

After diagnosis and confinement, the plan will still take care of you because of home recovery benefit that it can offer. Rehabilitation pertains to an additional amount which will be given to you to help you recover faster from getting sick and being burdened inside your hospital room.

If in case the diagnosis causes the insured to be terminally ill, then a palliative care benefit will be issued.


After knowing these 4 ways of how a health insurance can definitely help you in times of being diagnosed with a critical illness, are you willing to start the plan today if you can find all these benefits in one plan?

Yes! You can find all these benefits with Sun Life’s Sun Fit and Well, our New Generation Wellness Product, which gives you a very comprehensive health insurance coverage at an affordable premium.

All you have to do is to get to know more about the plan by clicking here.  Contact your trusted Financial Advisor today and get insured now!

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