How to Have 1 Million Pesos Even If You’re Just An Employee

Yesterday, while I was travelling on a bus, an idea came to my mind (as always). I was thinking, how will an ordinary employee have 1 million in cash (or in liquid asset) just by simply working?

I’m sure, anyone working in finance related industry like mine already knows the answer. Or maybe, most people know the answer, they are not just focus on how it is done.

How many times have we heard the saying  ‘walang yumayaman na empleyado‘. Agree? I beg to disagree. Maybe if that employee will only stick to the ‘isang kahig, isang tuka’ principle. Then the answer will be definitely yes, they won’t get rich.

We were brainwashed that it is impossible for an ordinary employee to have 1 Million in Cash.

However, by using a different approach, I truly believe that it is very possible.


One Million Pesos

Let me show you the simplest and easiest way to have 1 Million pesos. By simply saving and investing in mutual funds.

Don’t know what’s mutual fund – read and watch the video in this link –

Here’s how. Below is a table I created using a Financial Calculator. Here, I tried to show that attaining 1 Million Pesos is very possible at age 30 up to age 45.

The column on the left represents your current age. That will be our starting point. On the right are future age where you want to have your first million pesos. Inside the table are the amount (in Pesos) that one must save and invest on a monthly basis.

Your Starting Age Objective – To have 1 Million Pesos At Certain Age
(8% Annual Return)
How much do you need to save and invest monthly?
At Age 30 At Age 33 At Age 35 At Age 38 At Age 40 At Age 45
21 6,440 4,328 3,321 2,383 1,940 1,205
22 7,561 4,832 3,742 2,562 2,148 1,321
23 9,013 5,552 4,328 2,962 2,383 1,450
24 10,963 6,440 4,832 3,321 2,562 1,595
25 13,709 7,561 5,552 3,742 2,962 1,757
26 17,848 9,013 6,440 4,328 3,321 1,940
27 24,774 10,963 7,561 4,832 3,742 2,148
28 38,666 13,709 9,013 5,552 4,328 2,383
29 80,425 17,848 10,963 6,440 4,832 2,562
30 24,774 13,709 7,561 5,552 2,962
31 38,666 17,848 9,013 6,440 3,321
32 80,425 24,774 10,963 7,561 3,742
33 38,666 13,709 9,013 4,328
34 80,425 17,848 10,963 4,832
35 24,774 13,709 5,552
36 38,666 17,848 6,440
37 80,425 24,774 7,561
38 38666 9,013
39 80425 10,963
40 13,709
41 17,848
42 24,774
43 38,666
44 80,425


Your investment will have an 8% annual return. That’s a conservative projection since past performance of most Philippine mutual funds had an average of 14-20%.

The idea is this. Say you’re 21 years old now and just started working. Determine at what age would you like to have 1 Million pesos depending on your capacity to save. Is it at age 30? Then you have to start saving / investing P6,440 per month. Too stiff? Then adjust.

[ad#content300]If you want to have your first million pesos at age 33, invest P4,328 a month. Still too big? Adjust again. If you can only save P1,205 per month, and if you continue doing that until age 45, you’ll have your 1 Million Pesos.

How bout if you’re 25 right now and you’d like to have 1 Million at age 30. How much do you need to invest monthly? Looking at the table, that gives us  P13,709.

I’m already 32. Looking at the table, looks like the simplest way to reach 1 Million is at least age 38.


You don’t have to win in the Lotto to be a millionaire. Anyone, at any point in their life can have 1 million even if you’re just a regular employee. Maybe you can’t save P10,000 per month today. But not because you can’t save P10,000 today, you’ll not save at all. That’s not the idea. The idea is to save as much as you can today, whenever you can and increase your savings every time you have bonus or increase.

Maybe you can only save P1,000 today. But next month maybe you’ll have a bonus, then increase your savings. Save a part of your income whenever you can. And learn how to invest.

Start with an open mind. Don’t hesitate to ask. Maybe your officemate has a mutual fund investment, ask him to teach you.

Sabi nga ni Henry Sy, the richest man in the Philippines today. ‘It is only the first million that’s hardest to get. Once you hurdle your first million, the next millions are a lot easier’.

When do you want to have 1 Million? If you haven’t started yet, then it’s time you do. START Saving and Investing NOW!


I’m Interested, How Do I Get Started

In case you’re interested and want to get started, follow this link –

Or you can simply comment on the form below and I’ll contact you.

Happy Investing!

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Garry Zaldy de Castro is an advocate, Financial Advisor, Certified Investment Solicitor (Mutual Fund Representative), blogger, IT practitioner, husband to Aileen and a dad to Jacob and JohnD. He started Financial Planning Philippines in 2008 just to share his financial learning to friends, relatives and anyone who wishes to be financially independent.


  1. mjo mhirap ma achieve to pag tumutulong kasa pamilya,
    pg dka tumulong kw n ang pinaka msamang tao sa mundo pra sa kanila.

  2. Hello Garry,

    I’ve been researching about Mutual Funds for the past weeks or so and I still couldn’t find an answer to my concern. I’m hoping that you could help me.

    I invested in Mutual Funds specifically in Equity, Balanced, and Money Market. For Equity and Balanced, I’ve had them since 2016. For Money Market, I only tried it this year for my emergency fund.

    For Equity, I’ve paid in P15k already accumulated since 2016 but now in year 2019, the current value of my Equity Fund is P14893 which means I have a loss.

    For Balanced, I’ve paid in an accumulated amount of P10k since 2016 and now in 2019, the current value is P10,860 which means i had a sort of 8.6% increase in 3 years.

    From 2016 until now, I have not redeemed/withdrawn nor switched funds (i.e. switched my Balanced to Equity or vice versa). I have only added to the fund albeit not regularly.

    So my questions are:
    – is there anything I’m doing wrong which explains why i had a loss or a minimal gain only?
    – is there any action I’m lacking with regard to how I’m managing my Mutual Funds? Do I need to regularly redeem and then buy shares from another fund?
    – or is the current situation of my Mutual Funds still acceptable?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi Kim, for mutual funds, the best strategy is to invest with the goal in mind. It should answer the question, why are you investing? If your simple answer would be to gain some profit, then investment in Balanced fund answered it already.

      The better answer can be for Retirement. If Retirement is your goal, you need to know how much is your target Retirement Fund at what age. Knowing those 2 factors at least you’ll have an idea how to compute how much you should be investing on a monthly basis.

      That way, you won’t be more concerned on the earnings but rather on the amount you put it. Do it regularly until you reach your goal. Investing regularly using Peso Cost Averaging method can greatly help you as a strategy.

  3. Hi Clare,

    Earnings or returns are not fixed and are not guaranteed. We usually use 8-10% average return conservatively. But in reality, it can go beyond 8-10%. Why is that? That’s the common projection used and that’s the only allowed by the Insurance Commission for VUL.

  4. How i wish i could save even just a few bucks, sa sobrang gastusin and the tuition fee para sa mga anak, hayzz

    But thanks for sharing, maybe in the few months, we’ll try this 🙂

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