My Adsense Earning jumped because of RR Enriquez

adsenseLast May 19, 2008, Monday, I was in the province. I was watching TV Patrol while having dinner. My wife with my mother in law, went to the terrace after they’ve finished their food. In the news segment showbiz balita of TV Patrol, the topic was about RR Enriquez to Cover the Maxim Philippines for June edition. On the top of my head, I knew this girl coz I have actually posted her photos in my blog Pinay Celebrity Photos and Videos. So nothing special. Not until it was mentioned that there is this RR Enriquez Scandal.

“Really, why didn’t I know that”. Then commercial. You know how TV shows and news works nowadays. They’ll usually show you something good, then pause for a commercial to make you wait for the finale. Making you ‘Bitin‘ ika nga.

Then Phoemela Barranda appeared, telling that RR Enriquez will be the New Cover Girl for Maxim Philippines June Edition. Right after, they showed the scandal where RR Enriquez posed topless in a Calendar. Checking the photos, they have the same black strip which I personally placed for censorship purposes. Uhmmm. So they grabbed the photos in my blog huh.

But more than that, the next scene was Phoem and RR are in front of a laptop, browsing RR’s photos from a website. “Blog ko yun ah“, I shouted to my wife and they hurriedly went inside to see that it was actually my blog.

Of course, ecstatic I was, eventhough they didn’t show the URL, I was hoping it would affect my blog in traffic and adsense earning.

Later that night, I opened my laptop, checked the stats and whoa. The usual 200++ traffic suddenly surge to 4,000 visits that night. Meaning to say, even if they didn’t know the website address of my blog, they were somehow able to trace it. And from the stats itself, it was clear that the traffic came from Google and Yahoo Searches for the keyword RR Enriquez and RR Enriquez Topless Calendar.

The next morning, I checked on the adsense earning and as expected, it did climbed up also. From the average $1/day earning, it became $10 that day. Nothing much but at least, this could be the start of something bigger.

That’s all there is. My 30 seconds of fame, hehe. And I plan to do it more often…

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Garry Zaldy de Castro is an advocate, Financial Advisor, Certified Investment Solicitor (Mutual Fund Representative), blogger, IT practitioner, husband to Aileen and a dad to Jacob and JohnD. He started Financial Planning Philippines in 2008 just to share his financial learning to friends, relatives and anyone who wishes to be financially independent.


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