Trivia – What’s the highest inflation rate recorded in History?

Last week, I attended this ‘Fundamentals of Investing’ course where one of the topic is about inflation.  As I’ve wrote in my previous article “Why do we need to plan for retirement? Inflation: Silent Money Killer”, I’ve discussed the tremendous effect of inflation in our lives.

Here’s more disturbing fact that I’ve learned in the seminar. Did you know that the highest inflation rate recorded in history was no other than Zimbabwe? Yes, that’s correct. It’s Zimbabwe who holds the highest inflation rate in history of mankind. And how much is that, you may ask. If in the Philippines, we have an inflation rate of 9.3% in 2008 and an average inflation rate of 6% in the past 10 years, Zimbabwe’s highest recorded rate was a whopping 231 million percent. Imagine that?

It’s like having to buy a bread that cost’s P1 yesterday, and suddenly having to buy the same bread at P231million. Unbelievable, isn’t it.

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  1. Zimbabwe’s inflation rate last November actually reached 89.7 sextillion % (a sextillion is 1 followed by 21 zeros). At this rate prices double every day. Zimbabwe also came out with a 100 Trillion Zimbabwean dollar bill.

  2. Zimbabwe is the highest right now, but Yugoslavia is the highest recorded, at 5 quadzillion%, or 5 with 15 0’s behind it.

  3. I also blogged about that news on my article “what makes currency rise or fall?” I really wonder how’s life in that country now that their money is worthless. I think that a lot of their citizens really wants to migrate to other countries. Unfrotunately, for those who are the poorest of the poor, they don’t have a choice but to stay.

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