Del Monte Philippines Listing, Tour, Etc.

Last June 9, 2013, I posted about the listing of Del Monte Philippines (DMPL) in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

[Del Monte Pacific (DMPL) Dual Listing Happens Tomorrow (June 10, 2013]

I even mentioned how lucky I am to be part of the group of bloggers who witnessed the event. Actually, it didn’t end there. It was followed by an actual tour in Del Monte cannery and plantation in Cagayan De Oro and Bukidnon respectively.

And again, I was very lucky to be part of that tour  along with Fitz Villafuerte, Noemi Dado, Jane Uymatiao, Marvin Germo and Sonnie Reyes. But then again, that Del Monte Tour will be such a waste of time if I will not share you the experience we had.

And what’s the easiest and best way to share experience to you – by sharing pictures. So here it is, our De Monte Philippines (DMPL) tour which happened last July 15-16, 2013.

In the end, it answers one of the very first question I had in mind back when I was invited for the briefing.

Is Del Monte Philippines (DMPL) worth buying?

Based on what I personally saw in the tour, it’s a very convincing YES. ¬†They’ve been here for around 87 years and if you’ll consider their systems in place, one can easily say that it will still be around for a long time.

That is also backed up by the strong balanced sheet, sound management team and market leadership in the canned pineapple juice, tomato sauce, tomato ketchup etc. Expansion wise, they have acquired S&W to market fresh fruits worldwide.

Download the Del Monte Pacific Presentation here ->

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