Philippine Mutual Funds Performance as of 3/25/2011

Just an update on the performance of Mutual Funds in the Philippines as of March 25, 2011. As the Philippine Stock Market index is slowly inching up, we can now see that the mutual fund performance (equity funds in particular) follows the trend. Here’s how it looks as of March 25, 2011.

mutual funds in the philippines

From almost double digit losses last month of February, all equity funds are now down single digit only lead by ATR KimEng with only -1.72% (new fund), followed by Sun Life Prosperity Phil Equity Fund with -4.03%.

Here’s the top 5 Mutual Funds (Equity Fund) for 2011 as of March 25, 2011.

  1. ATR KimEng Asia Plus Recovery Fund, Inc. – (-1.72%)
  2. Sun Life Prosperity Phil. Equity Fund, Inc. – (-4.03%)
  3. Philequity Fund, Inc. – (-4.27%)
  4. United Fund, Inc – (-4.44%)
  5. Philequity PSE Index Fund Corp. – (-5.16%)

For the complete listing of Philippine mutual fund performance as of March 25, 2011, you may download the PDF file in this link – Click Here.

Some stock traders that I closely follow say this could be the start of the new bullrun. Maybe yes, and maybe no. No one can really tell.

As they always say in Sun Life – ‘Investing is not a matter of Timing the market. It’s a matter of Time’.

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