Sun Dollar Maximizer – Best Dollar Investment

Sun Dollar Maximizer is being offered again for a limited time – til August 10, 2012 only! Extended up to August 16, 2012 due to work disruption brought about by flooding.

( Ok, that may be an exaggeration when I put Best Dollar investment. It should have been, best dollar investment I know. 😀 )

Last year, Sun Life Financials Philippines launched Sun Dollar Maximizer and it was a big hit in the market. Because of the success of this success, Sun Life Philippines has opened a second offering for the Sun Dollar Maximizer (US-China-Gold/Bond) that would allow investors to maximize potential earnings with guaranteed insurability.

Sun Dollar Maximizer (UCG) is a limited-offer, single pay investment guaranteed with an insurance coverage equivalent to at least 125 percent premium that can have potential earnings from a diversified mix of assets composed of US and China-centric indices, Gold exchange traded fund, and a U.S. government bond index.

So, what ticks?

Imagine, in just one payment (minimum of USD 8,000), you have already taken advantage of the potential recovery of the U.S. market, the high growth rate of China, the ever increasing value of Gold, and the security offered by U.S. treasuries. – talk about diversification!

If you want growth bigger than what banks offer (usually between 0.25%-0.5% per annum) and if you have dollar time deposits that you can hold for a period seven years, then take advantage of this market opportunity. (historical asset performance show returns between 3-6% per year)

This investment product is the only Variable Universal Life (VUL) product to employ the Best of Profile, Look-Back feature where gains will be based on the best performing asset over the seven year period. Aside from that, the insurance coverage of this product assures the investor that the entire single premium will be returned in full when the policy matures, regardless of the market conditions.

It is said that wise investors value their portfolios to make sure that their investment options yield sound returns and assure them of capital protection. However, because of market volatility, you can only choose to invest your money on instruments that come from stable financial institutions. Take advantage of this product’s “limited offer” and don’t lose the chance the second time around.

If you want to grab this opportunity now or want more information of this product, feel free to fill up the form below

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