Steps to Financial Security – Basic Financial Planning Seminar in Makati on April 22, 2012

We’re again bringing the Basic Financial Planning Seminar – Steps to Financial Security this Sunday April 22, 2012 in Makati City. We’ve found a partner in the form of LinxProvi8, Inc. They actually offer tutorials and short courses and they have a venue. So we thought why not.

Aside from that, this is the first time we’re doing it on a Sunday. We’ve had some inquiries before that due to their work schedule up to Saturday, they cannot attend the seminar. So this is now your chance.

We’re now charging a very minimal fee of P100.00 to pay for the venue (electricity etc.), so I hope you don’t mind the fee as compared to the amount of learning that you can get from the seminar.

Financial Planning Seminar

Below is the outline of the topics to be discussed.

  • What is Financial Independence?
  • How to Plan for your Retirement?
  • How to Plan for your Children’s Education?
  • How to have a plan for your Health?
  • People’s behavior on Money
  • Why are most Filipinos Poor?
  • Fundamental of Investments
  • Putting the Allies of Wealth to work on Your Side
  • How Money Works?
  • How to Get the Highest Potential of your Money?
  • How Mutual Funds work?
  • How to Open a Mutual Fund Account?
  • Is Insurance a Good Investment?
  • What are the Different Types of Insurance and what’s Best for me?

At the end of the  seminar you will be able to know:

  • How to build a solid financial foundation regardless of your age or income level
  • How to make money work for you instead of you working for money
  • How to get the highest potential of your money
  • How much protection do you need

For those who’d want to get started investing and sign up with Mutual funds, VUL or other investment, we will be bringing forms and signature cards.

Just bring your ID (any gov’t issued or with picture and signature) + your initial investment (5,000 for mutual funds) and we’ll have you sign up. Registration fee of P100 is reimbursable if you sign up after the seminar. Receipts will be issued.


Who Should Attend:
Best for beginner and intermediate saver/investor. For best results, bring your wife/husband or bf/girlfriend. Financial success is best achieved with your partner in life.  (walk ins are not allowed)

Time and Date:
2pm Sunday, April 22, 2012

3rd Floor (LinxProvi8),  UG1-A The Palm Towers St. Paul Road., San Antonio Village, Makati City

How to get there via LRT or MRT

From Magallanes MRT Station

Ride the passenger jeepneys with the “PRC” placard displayed. After crossing G. Puyat (Buendia), watch for Bagtikan St. Disembark at Estrella Ave., the corner immediately following Bagtikan (right after Ambers Restaurant). Walk a few meters and turn left at St. Paul Rd to the Palm Towers.

From G. Puyat (Buendia) LRT Station

From the G. Puyat (Buendia) LRT Station, ride the passenger jeepneys with the “PRC Kaliwa” placard displayed. After crossing G. Puyat (Buendia), watch for Bagtikan St. Disembark at Estrella Ave., the corner immediately following Bagtikan. Walk a few meters and turn left at St. Paul Rd to the Palm Towers.


Registration Fee:
Minimal fee of P100/person

How to Register:
You may call or text thru the following numbers with the following details

  • Name:
  • Birthdate:
  • Occupation:
  • Email:
  • Contact Nos.:
  • Current Location:
LinxProvi8, Inc.
Landline No.: (02) 403-0833 / (02) 806-8816
Mobile Nos.: 0922-897-8077 / 0916-414-7400.

or Register thru the form below.

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Garry Zaldy de Castro is an advocate, Financial Advisor, Certified Investment Solicitor (Mutual Fund Representative), blogger, IT practitioner, husband to Aileen and a dad to Jacob and JohnD. He started Financial Planning Philippines in 2008 just to share his financial learning to friends, relatives and anyone who wishes to be financially independent.


  1. Hi. You have a great blog here, very informative and inspiring. Do you have a seminar planned for June or July? Thanks.

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