How to Have 1 Million Pesos Even If You’re Just An Employee

July 17, 2011 | By Garry De Castro | Filed in: How Tos, Mutual Funds, Personal Finance.
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Yesterday, while I was travelling on a bus, an idea came to my mind (as always). I was thinking, how will an ordinary employee have 1 million in cash (or in liquid asset) just by simply working?

I’m sure, anyone working in finance related industry like mine already knows the answer. Or maybe, most people know the answer, they are not just focus on how it is done.

How many times have we heard the saying  ‘walang yumayaman na empleyado‘. Agree? I beg to disagree. Maybe if that employee will only stick to the ‘isang kahig, isang tuka’ principle. Then the answer will be definitely yes, they won’t get rich.

We were brainwashed that it is impossible for an ordinary employee to have 1 Million in Cash.

However, by using a different approach, I truly believe that it is very possible.


One Million Pesos

Let me show you the simplest and easiest way to have 1 Million pesos. By simply saving and investing in mutual funds.

Don’t know what’s mutual fund – read and watch the video in this link –

Here’s how. Below is a table I created using a Financial Calculator. Here, I tried to show that attaining 1 Million Pesos is very possible at age 30 up to age 45.

The column on the left represents your current age. That will be our starting point. On the right are future age where you want to have your first million pesos. Inside the table are the amount (in Pesos) that one must save and invest on a monthly basis.

Your Starting Age Objective – To have 1 Million Pesos At Certain Age
(8% Annual Return)
How much do you need to save and invest monthly?
At Age 30 At Age 33 At Age 35 At Age 38 At Age 40 At Age 45
21 6,440 4,328 3,321 2,383 1,940 1,205
22 7,561 4,832 3,742 2,562 2,148 1,321
23 9,013 5,552 4,328 2,962 2,383 1,450
24 10,963 6,440 4,832 3,321 2,562 1,595
25 13,709 7,561 5,552 3,742 2,962 1,757
26 17,848 9,013 6,440 4,328 3,321 1,940
27 24,774 10,963 7,561 4,832 3,742 2,148
28 38,666 13,709 9,013 5,552 4,328 2,383
29 80,425 17,848 10,963 6,440 4,832 2,562
30 24,774 13,709 7,561 5,552 2,962
31 38,666 17,848 9,013 6,440 3,321
32 80,425 24,774 10,963 7,561 3,742
33 38,666 13,709 9,013 4,328
34 80,425 17,848 10,963 4,832
35 24,774 13,709 5,552
36 38,666 17,848 6,440
37 80,425 24,774 7,561
38 38666 9,013
39 80425 10,963
40 13,709
41 17,848
42 24,774
43 38,666
44 80,425


Your investment will have an 8% annual return. That’s a conservative projection since past performance of most Philippine mutual funds had an average of 14-20%.

The idea is this. Say you’re 21 years old now and just started working. Determine at what age would you like to have 1 Million pesos depending on your capacity to save. Is it at age 30? Then you have to start saving / investing P6,440 per month. Too stiff? Then adjust.

[ad#content300]If you want to have your first million pesos at age 33, invest P4,328 a month. Still too big? Adjust again. If you can only save P1,205 per month, and if you continue doing that until age 45, you’ll have your 1 Million Pesos.

How bout if you’re 25 right now and you’d like to have 1 Million at age 30. How much do you need to invest monthly? Looking at the table, that gives us  P13,709.

I’m already 32. Looking at the table, looks like the simplest way to reach 1 Million is at least age 38.


You don’t have to win in the Lotto to be a millionaire. Anyone, at any point in their life can have 1 million even if you’re just a regular employee. Maybe you can’t save P10,000 per month today. But not because you can’t save P10,000 today, you’ll not save at all. That’s not the idea. The idea is to save as much as you can today, whenever you can and increase your savings every time you have bonus or increase.

Maybe you can only save P1,000 today. But next month maybe you’ll have a bonus, then increase your savings. Save a part of your income whenever you can. And learn how to invest.

Start with an open mind. Don’t hesitate to ask. Maybe your officemate has a mutual fund investment, ask him to teach you.

Sabi nga ni Henry Sy, the richest man in the Philippines today. ‘It is only the first million that’s hardest to get. Once you hurdle your first million, the next millions are a lot easier’.

When do you want to have 1 Million? If you haven’t started yet, then it’s time you do. START Saving and Investing NOW!


I’m Interested, How Do I Get Started

In case you’re interested and want to get started, follow this link –

Or you can simply comment on the form below and I’ll contact you.

Happy Investing!

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27 comments on “How to Have 1 Million Pesos Even If You’re Just An Employee

  1. Jan says:

    walang yumayaman na empleyado..
    I am Disagree boss.. alam nyu na siguro.. Nagtatrabaho pa lang ako sa OAC laki na naiipon ko nun. sympre nuknukan ako nang kuripot.. 
    Nagcompute na din ako dati paano makapag-ipon nang malaki at pangarap kong magkaroon nang 1 million sa pag-iipon lang. 

    lagi ko nga niloloko asawa ko .. “siguro kung hindi naging tayo at hindi kita naging girlfriend at naging asawa.. siguro milyonaryo na ako ngaun.” hehee
    Dati kasi nakakapag-ipon ako nang 10 libo mahigit kada buwan.
    HAHAHA.. share lang

    • San ka disagree Janjan? hehe. Ako din disagree na ‘walang empleyado na yumayaman’. I’m sure madami. It’s just that most employees use this as a sort of excuse.

      I must commend you kung nakaka ipon ka ng 10k kada buwan. Sayang nga lang di ko naituro sa inyo to during OAC days. Di ko padin kasi alam to dati – I was, too, am financially stupid those days. Mas malaki na sana ang pera mo kung natuto ka mag invest dati pa bukod sa bangko.

      Thanks for sharing. Tuloy mo lang pag iipon. Just try to learn how to invest. Sayang ang pera sa bangko.

  2. Fayle says:

    So you believe that people in finance only knows the answer? That’s silly and laughable. Write better article next time.

    • No Ma’am, we are not in any way trying to insinuate that ‘only’ finance people knows the answer. 

      It’s just that most employees (I’m not saying ‘all’) are not familiar with mutual funds or any other investment vehicle other than banks that can bring them faster in obtaining a million peso. I know these coz I’ve been an employee myself.

      My apologies if that statement offended you in a way or another. 


  3. Most people lack education on how to increase the value of their money, and that makes it harder to attain 1M.  
    Very informative post…. will share it on Facebook. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Multiplestreams says:

    the first million is the difficult.  the first 10 million is more difficult.  the first 50 million is very difficult. the first 100 million is extremely difficult.  i am

  5. Multiplestreams says:

    the first million is the difficult.  the first 10 million is more difficult.  the first 50 million is very difficult. the first 100 million is extremely difficult.  i am

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  7. Daniel says:

    I am intrigued about this one. So how does this work? I’ve actually seen this from colayco foundation Is this the same as your principle? Please reach me in my email daniel_castillo15 at yahoo dot com. How does mutual fund work?

    • Hi Daniel, we will be having a FREE (almost) Financial Planning seminar this coming Saturday 1:30-3pm at McDonalds Quezon Ave. cor West 4th St. (in front of National Bookstore near EDSA). How mutual fund works will be tackled. Fee is only P150 with food and drinks. Text me if you’re interested.

  8. Romeo c says:

    pls help me to understand how did you compute started 25 years old to 30 years old savings of 13709 pesos multiply by twelve month is 164508 pesos using compound interest of 8percent a year is only 355,159.30 only how did you compute to arrive at 1 million pls email me the answer to

    • Hi Romeo. In computing for compounding interest, you don’t simply multiply. You have to bear in mind that interests earn interest that’s why. You can try using Excel.

      There must be something wrong with your computation. Even without interest, P13,709/month for 5 years will give you P822k+ already.

  9. Belza_francisco says:

    hi Gary,

    Please send me the details regarding Mutual Fund in Sun life here is my email add.

    Thank you,


  10. Hi Garry, can you please send me details about mutual funds of SunLife? Here is my email address 
    irish_romesaint@yahoo:disqus .com 

  11. edward says:

    Hi Garry, i am interested to the mutual fund makes u a million, can you please send me details about mutual funds of SunLife? Here is my email address

  12. eros says:

    Hi Garry, can you please send me details about mutual funds of SunLife and BDO? Here is my email address 

  13. […] you can remember, I previously posted “How to have 1 Million Pesos Even If You’re Just An Employee”.  I guess a lot of people liked it and shared in Facebook for 103 […]

  14. Lianne says:

    Awesome article! This made me inspired to save more!

  15. Azilanomodacrem says:

    hi  i want to learn more about investing on mutual funds. Im just confused how it really works or which plan will be better for me. I dont earn much but I want make the most out of this little earning .  If i have 5k can this be my initial investment?  and after that do i have to  add investment monthly or is it up to me. If  i start next month where should I go. i worked before in makati  and I saw one of your office( sunlife) in  AYALA .What should I bring if I go there? what should I be expecting? Im really new to this sorry for asking too much.

  16. Anjo Lie says:

    How i wish i could save even just a few bucks, sa sobrang gastusin and the tuition fee para sa mga anak, hayzz

    But thanks for sharing, maybe in the few months, we’ll try this 🙂

  17. clare says:

    hi magkanu ang charge nio sa entra account let say maglagak ako ng 5k pesos my flat rate ba ang earnings nito thank you pls. send to my email

  18. Hi Clare,

    Earnings or returns are not fixed and are not guaranteed. We usually use 8-10% average return conservatively. But in reality, it can go beyond 8-10%. Why is that? That’s the common projection used and that’s the only allowed by the Insurance Commission for VUL.

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