Pesos and Sense Episode 6 – Budgeting and Saving Tips

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In this episode of Pesos and Sense (episode 6), Aya discussed the most basic when it comes to wealth accumulation which is Savings and Budgeting.

I can still remember the very first time I stepped inside a bank. I was asked by my Tita to en-cash her check in Land Bank. I was only first year high school then. At first I felt very intimidated by the beautiful bank tellers and the shotgun of the security guard just to find out later on that they were very accommodating.

Pesos and Sense episode 6 Youtube video


Video 1 – Aya pointed out the 70-30 rule of saving. Save 30% of your salary and spend the 70% to your family. On the 30%, save and invest 20% and use the 10% for tithing. The idea of Salary (Income) – Savings = Expenses was also stressed in this video. Guest was Johnny Bondoc who share his personal take saving and budgeting.


Video 2 – Johnny Bondoc continued sharing his personal experience in Budgeting. The basic form of investing which is saving in the bank was also discussed in this video.


Video 3 – Part 4 of Technical Analysis with  Juanis Barredo


Video 4 – Ask Aya portion


Watching the video on Bank savings reminded me of my very first bank account. I think it was way back 1996. After graduating high school, I deposited the P1,ooo.00 cash reward I got from the school. It was short lived as I later withdraw the amount for something.

The next thing I remember of saving in the bank was 2001 when I got my 2nd job. I must admit that I was using the “Income – Expenses = Savings” equation that time. It was only when I planned to get married that I mastered the “Income – Savings = Expenses” formula since I had to raise for our wedding expenses.

Then the rest is history as they say.

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    Useful video, it tells us how we need to spend and save our money.

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